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Access control protects people and property by controlling and monitoring access to gates, rooms, buildings and even and entire campuses.

Access is controlled by electronic locks, keypads and access card readers.

Benefits of Access Control


Schedules can automatically lock and unlock doors.


Control and monitor your doors from your smartphone and tablet.


Grant full access to some employees while limiting others, or allow access based on time.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate the need to distribute keys and re-key locks. Access cards can be issued in minutes and you can revoke a single card’s access immediately.


Improve security by limiting access that employees and visitors can access.


Secure one door or every door with a single, integrated system regardless of physical location.

Access control can be installed and configured in a variety of ways. For example, the front door can automatically lock and unlock on a schedule but authorized employees can use their access card to open the door after hours. If the front door is unlocked, the lobby door can remain locked which means an employee must grant access to visitors.

Comprehensive logging and reporting can be used to inform you about your physical access of your organization. You can see all access times and associated doors by employee or see when employees attempt to access doors that they shouldn’t. Alerts can be triggered if a door is propped or forced open.

Access control reduces costs by eliminating keys. Lost cards can be deleted and replaced with minimal expense. If an employee refuses to return an access card then the card is simply deleted. This immediately disables all access associated with that card.

A video intercom can be incorporated into our access control systems so that employees can safely verify the identity of visitors before remotely opening the door. Remote control features gives the organization the ability lock and unlock doors from anywhere. If the organization does not open for bad weather, for example, an authorized employee can remotely lock all of the doors.

Combining access control with a burglar alarm and security cameras provides comprehensive protection. You have enough to worry about – let Westechs help take security off of your list.

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