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Don’t buy a proprietary alarm or from an exclusive dealer

Don’t Buy a Proprietary Alarm or From an Exclusive Dealer


How would you feel if you bought a new car only to learn that you were required to get all of the service from a particular dealer – forever? What if that dealer had poor customer service or unfair pricing?

If you buy proprietary alarm equipment or from an exclusive dealer – this may be exactly what happens.

Proprietary alarm equipment is sold, serviced and monitored through a program of exclusive dealers. Examples of proprietary equipment include ADT and DMP.

While this may sound attractive at first, think about this:

  1. The manufacturer behind these dealership programs often require the security company to only sell their brand of equipment. This means fewer choices for the consumer when it comes to available equipment.
  2. The manufacturer often limits the number of exclusive dealers that can exist in a particular area. This means less competition and fewer choices for the consumer.
  3. Often times the exclusive dealer can only purchase directly from the manufacturer. This means less competition which could affect the price of equipment and monthly monitoring.

This means:

  • If you are unhappy with your monthly bill or the service being provided you are likely stuck with it as you probably have little choice in your area to switch to another company due to their “exclusivity.”
  • Even if you own the equipment, switching to another security company most likely means you will have to replace the entire system.

Westechs only sells non-proprietary alarm systems and equipment. This means that any qualified, licensed security company can service and monitor your alarm. Here are some of the benefits of using non-proprietary alarm equipment:

  1. More choices on equipment – Westechs offers equipment from several manufacturers to help meet the goals, environment and budget of every customer.
  2. More choices on service – while we want you to be a customer forever, you have the option of switching to almost any other security company should you choose to do so.
  3. Pricing is usually better with non-proprietary equipment because it is sold from a number of competing distributors rather than a single manufacturer.

Much like your cellular phone, office copier or cable bill, you should always have the option to easily switch to another provider with minimal expense. You should ask for non-proprietary alarm equipment for the same reasons.

If the alarm company isn’t willing to sell a non-proprietary system, you should consider a different alarm company.

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