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Add a 365 shared calendar

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Add a Shared Office 365 Calendar to Outlook


Once a Shared Calendar has been created by Westechs or your Office 365 administrator you can use the following steps to add the calendar to your Outlook.

1. Open Outlook. At the bottom left of your Outlook window, click on the three dots.
2. Click on Folders.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the window – you may need to do this a few times over the next few steps.
4. Find “Public Folders” at the bottom. Keep expanding the folders by clicking on the arrows until you find “Shared Calendar.” The name of the calendar may include the name of your company or organization.

5. Once you locate the shared calendar, right click the calendar.
6. Choose “Add to Favorites…”

7. On the new window that opens, click “Add”

8. Back at the bottom left corner of Outlook, expand “Favorites”¬† by clicking on the arrow next to it. Once you see the shared calendar listed under Favorites, click on the shared calendar to show its contents on the right.

9. Click the Calendar icon to change back to the calendar view.
10. (There may be a delay before this next step is possible. If you do not see the shared calendar under Other Calendars, try again in a few minutes.) Click on the Shared Calendar to place a checkbox next to it and make it visible. You can select multiple calendars at once to display.

11. Finally, click on the mail icon to return to your normal inbox view.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions about Office 365.

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