Let me being by saying that while the latest version of Internet Explorer shows quite a bit of promise, it still isn’t the browser I recommend you use.

(A browser is the program you use to surf or browse the Internet. You are using Internet Explorer if you click on the little blue “e” to get onto the Internet. This is the browser that comes with Microsoft Windows. Alternatives are available, and I highly recommend you use one.)

Picture this scenario:

You are at work or school on your laptop and come across an interesting site you would like to remember. You add it to your bookmarks and head home. Later that evening, you decide to go back to that site for a better look. You open your browser at home, and the bookmark you added onto your laptop is automatically on your home computer.

Now extend that scenario to include passwords, open tabs, configuration settings, and more. Not only is this possible, I couldn’t imagine having multiple computers without it. It is called browser synchronizing, and you can accomplish it a number of ways.

Firefox 4 (the latest browser from Mozilla) introduces Firefox sync. It allows you to sync your history, passwords, tabs and passwords across all of your computers.

Google’s Chrome browser offers a similar capability using Chrome Sync. It is similar to Firefox sync except that it also includes add-ons. (Add-ons are small programs that extend the functionality of your browser.)

I would be remiss if i didn’t mention two of my favorite approaches to synchronizing browser information: Xmarks and LastPass.

Xmarks is a browser add-on that synchronizes your bookmarks or favorites. The add-on is available for almost every browser on the market. If you browse the web on your phone, it is also available as an app. It is a wonderful application and I highly recommend it.

LastPass is a browser add-on that saves all of your website passwords in a very secure manner. The list of features is beyond the scope of this post, but the short version is that you will never have to remember a website password again. I highly recommend it. Just like Xmarks, it is available as an app for your phone.

As you  can see, it is quite easy (and increasing important and convenient) to have a consistent browser experience across all of your devices. Get started today, and please contact us if we can help you getting setup.