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Duo adds a convenient layer of security with dual factor authentication

Duo is a smartphone app that allows for quick and convenient dual factor authentication.

Dual factor authentication is a second step that is required in order to log into a protected system such as email, remote access, your Windows computer and more.

If your password is lost or stolen then anyone can use it to log into a system as you. With two factor, however, this second step can help prevent these unauthorized logins.

With Duo, when you sign into a protected system, your smartphone receives a push notification asking you to approve the login. This is what this notification looks like:

Once you tap the Approve button your login completes as usual.

The bottom line that if a bad guy has your username and password, it is worthless when Duo dual factor is in place.

For a single monthly charge of $3 per employee you can protect hundreds of applications with Duo. Contact us for a demo or more information.