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An issue we come across often when helping home users is that they lose their email address when they switch Internet service providers.

For example: when you sign up with Suddenlink, AT&T U-Verse, Grande, Cable One, etc, you are given several e-mail addresses to use. Unfortunately, they usually end with something like @suddenlink.net or @cableone.net.

The problem comes in if you decide to switch companies. When you do so, you typically lose that email address. Now you must go through the hassle of informing everyone that your e-mail address has changed.

This problem is compounded by the fact that most websites use your email address to log you in or email you updates. It may be a few weeks or months following a change before you realize an old site isn’t able to contact you because they still have the old address.

We always recommend you use a Gmail address, or at least an email provider other than your ISP. This way you can change providers without impacting your email. Gmail also offers much more space and better features than most ISPs.

If you currently have an email address from your provider, we recommend you switch now. Gmail makes this easy to do. Once you sign up and start using a @gmail address, you can tell it to check your email from your old address. This way you can start informing everyone that your address has changed but keep receiving mail on the old account until it goes away.

Head over to Gmail (a service provided by Google) today and get started. If you really want to get fancy (and gain even more features), check out our Custom Email service. This gives you a your@name.com email address that you can have forever. Google will even host it for you – for free!