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Do you have a computer in Midland or Odessa that is infected with spyware or malware? Do you need computer software repair? Our PC Restoration service will wipe it out 100%.

There is a new post over at the blog of the Microsoft Malware Protection Center that may make some people think differently about how they clean up malware. Our approach, however, remains unchanged.

Malware (collectively referred to as spyware, viruses, trojans, worms, etc) is any type of software on your PC that you didn’t ask for or otherwise spies on your or forces advertising while you are browsing. It is responsible for crashes and those annoying popups you may have seen in the past.

Unfortunately, new malware is released almost every day and anti-virus/anti-malware companies have a hard time keeping up. We have stopped recommending a particular anti-virus/anti-malware product due to the fact that we have seen all of them fail where others have succeeded and vice-versa.

Many technology companies or geeks “remove” malware by simply using commercially available or free removal programs. They also use special tools designed to help eradicate infections. The problem, however, is that clean up time on computers that are heavily infected can take more time than it would be to just start from scratch (hence our popular PC Restoration service.)

This blog post from Microsoft further changes the game of malware removal (for other companies, anyway.) According to this post, this particular piece of malware will dig into the boot sector of your PC. This means it is immune to removal software. If this malware evolves (which is historically representative of the malware life cycle) then it is simply a matter of time before this malware goes dormant in the boot sector, waits out the removal software, then comes back later on.

If you simply run removal programs and you have this type of malware, it isn’t going to be removed and you are going to waste your money if you hire someone to do it for you. The only true solution to completely eliminate this malware is to rebuild the software of the computer from scratch. The blog post from Microsoft recommends that you repair the boot record and restore your PC using a backup or restoration disk. This is exactly what our PC Restoration service has always done.

Please keep this in mind if you suddenly find yourself infected with malware. Don’t rely on antivirus alone – it is the last line of defense. Your behavior and overall security posture is what is going to prevent you from becoming infected in the first place. See our support article here for more information.

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