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Even if you aren’t located in the Midland, Odessa or surrounding areas, you can still take advantage of our network monitoring service. Whether your company consists of just two computers or several thousand, I highly recommend this service to everyone.

Network monitoring is an inexpensive way to keep tabs on all types of characteristics of your equipment and can help you predict and prevent downtime and equipment failure.
Companies that currently subscribe to our network monitoring service take comfort in knowing that if any type of problem arises they will be notified of it within seconds. If a failure happens after hours, monitoring will let them take care of the problem before the next business day.

Many people are surprised to learn how much can be monitored these days. Here are just a few examples of what we can monitor for you:

-When printers are getting low on ink or toner
– When any of your hard drives are getting full or experiencing errors indicating a possible pending crash
– Temperature of rooms that have important equipment such as servers or other important property
– The status of your internet connection including bandwidth consumption
– When networks are performing sub-optimally
– When important and critical services are not running on servers
– Much, much more

Network monitoring is a proactive way of avoiding problems and minimizing downtime. This valuable service is available a la carte and is also a core component of our Managed IT Services. If coupled with APR (automatic problem resolution), our engineers will receive copies of your monitoring alerts and correct the problem for you.

Contact us for more information on network monitoring or for a free evaluation for your organization.