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Are you running late to meet someone? Are you on a road trip with someone waiting for your arrival? Glympse, a free app for your iPhone or Android device, will let you temporarily share your location with anyone of your choosing.Glympse is a free application available on both the Apple App Store as well as the Android Marketplace. Once you install it, simply select “Send a Glympse” and enter a person’s email address or mobile number. Glympse will search your address book for you as you type. The recipient will receive a link that allows them to see your current (and updated) location.

When you send a Glympse to someone you can choose how long it lasts (it will automatically expire or turn off after this period.) A great feature of Glympse is that the recipient does not need the application installed to see your location (the link will open a map in a web browser). If they have Glympse installed, however, they can elect to use the app to view your updates.

If you are into the whole social media scene you can also choose to share your Glympse with Twitter and Facebook.

Overall Glympse is a nifty application – especially for a price tag of zero. Check it out today and start sharing your location.