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We like to share little tidbits like these on our blog for the benefit of everyone else on the Internet.

We had a rather perplexing support issue today that we resolved. A client was using an open source instant messaging platform consisting of Spark and Openfire. It is a very nice setup; it talks to Active Directory and automatically pulls users into its database.

The problem was that they had a few users here and there (10 out of around 200) that weren’t appearing on the IM platform. There was a department of 12, for example, and all but 1 were there.

The web seems to have several good threads covering this topic, but none of the solutions proved to be helpful for this instance.

As it turned out – the users who weren’t appearing all had one thing in common: their computer name was the same as their username. I suppose there is some type of issue with this setup, as appending an “a” or “1” to the computer name fixed it.

Once you change the computer name, be sure to delete the user and roster cache on the server (or just restart the Openfire service.)

Hopefully this fixes your issue if you have it.