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We got a call from a client recently in which a new employee couldn’t log onto their new virtual desktop. The usual tricks didn’t work.

The thin client would attempt the session but would give the following error:

“The desktop currently has no desktop sources available. Please try connecting to this desktop again later or contact your system administrator.”

Within the view admin console, there were some additional errors:

VMware.Sim.Fault.InvalidParentVmFault, InvalidSnapshotDiskConfiguration


Pool control for desktop pool has no more machines to satisfy requests for desktops, for user domainuser

The Vmware forums along with a knowledge base article said that this could happen when your parent VM was moved from one host to another. The fix was to migrate to another host so that the machine would “re-read”. This didn’t work.

As it turns out, the desktop pool settings were set so that new desktop provisioning was disabled. Once this setting was enabled, a few new VMs were created in Vcenter and the user was able to login.