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A common selling tactic for alarm companies in Midland and Odessa is to offer “free” equipment. We all know, however, that nothing in life is truly free. Let’s break it down a bit.

How much does “free” cost?

Let’s examine the following pricing commonly offered by other security companies for a standard alarm system:

  • Equipment – Free
  • Installation / Activation – $99
  • Monitoring – $49.99 per month, credit check and 36 month contract required

In this example, a one time $99 activation charge and $49.99 for 36 months equals a total cost of $1,898.64 over three years. 

Let’s Compare “Free” to Westechs

Our standard alarm systems are sold to you outright which gives you a lower monthly rate. We also don’t charge for installation or activation. Let’s compare that to “free”:

  • Equipment – $299
  • Monitoring – $39.99 per month, no credit check, 12 month contract

In this example, a one time $299 equipment cost and $39.99 for 36 months equals a total cost of $1,738.64.

This means “free” actually costs $160 more.

Remember that this $160 in savings is just in the first three years – you are still saving $10 every subsequent month. An alarm industry statistic shows that the average customer stays with the same alarm company for 7 years.

This is another $480 in potential savings.

Like many other purchases it is important to understand exactly what you are receiving and how much it will cost. We offer free quotes on our smart security systems and are happy to help you compare us to others.

When you purchase an alarm from Westechs, your account stays in the Permian Basin. We do not sell or hand-off your account to a larger company like ADT or Brinks. Our customer service and technicians are located in Midland and not behind an 800 number with long hold times.

It’s important to note that a “standard” alarm system was used in this example. Our definition of a standard alarm system would be a wireless system with one keypad, 3 or 4 door sensors, a motion sensor and a cellular-based communicator. You also get the Alarm.com app for total system control.

Security and equipment needs can vary, especially in the commercial space, so a standard system may not work for everyone. Please contact us for more information or a quote on any of our security services.