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We recently encountered an issue where a user would attempt to print a document with a specified page range but zero pages would be sent to the printer. It turns out that the document contained numerous sections and Word requires different instructions to print a page range from this type of document.

To see if you are having the same problem, first right-click the status bar at the bottom of Word (next to the page count) and place a check next to “Section”. Navigate to various pages of the document. If you see the Section number change, you have more than one section. The Section Number will be displayed in the bar at the bottom left:

You can also turn on the editing view in Word by clicking on the following icon:


Seeing section breaks within the document is also indicative of multiple sections:

In order to print a page range from a Word document that has multiple sections, you must indicate which sections and/or pages to print. To print an entire section, for example, enter a page range of “s2” to print all of section two:

You can use the same page number options (like 3-5) when printing sections. Here are some examples:

s2: print all of section 2

3-5 : print pages 3 to 5 in the current section

p1s1: print page 1 from section 2

p2s2-p3s3: print from page 2 of section 2 to page 3 of section 3