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We are frequently asked which antivirus program we recommend.

Anti-virus software (as well as the threats they are supposed to protect against) have evolved substantially since this article was first written in 2015.

If you are a home user we usually recommend the anti-virus software that is built into the modern version of Windows. It is called Windows Defender and works rather well. It’s updated automatically and since it is built into Windows it isn’t something you need to purchase or configure.

Keep in mind that there is no silver bullet for anti-virus software so be sure to maintain a reliable backup of all of your important data.

If you are a business user, however, your needs generally change.

Because businesses usually have more than one computer it is important to know that all computers are equipped with anti-virus software that is properly updated. It is also helpful to receive a notification if an infection or outbreak occurs. If you are subject to any kind of regulatory requirements like HIPAA, this centralized monitoring and reporting may be required.

If your business is interested in the advanced protection and features that our commercial anti-virus programs offer please contact us. Our security solutions are offered on a monthly basis and include free installation, monitoring and support.

Despite what you may have heard, there is no “perfect” or “best” anti-virus program. Threats are constantly evolving and all of the “good guys” must make changes to keep up. Remember that anti-virus software cannot protect against other threats or risks like crashes or floods so be sure to maintain a reliable backup of all of your important data.

Antivirus software represents just one layer that you should have to protect your computers, servers and networks. Read our support article on keeping a healthy computer for more information.