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Your company’s data is everything.

Can you afford to lose anything?



You don’t have to be a big company to be a target.



It’s a matter of when hardware will fail – not if.



Employees can accidentally misplace, delete or overwrite files.



Theft, fires and floods can destroy your data and backups at the same time.

It doesn’t matter why – a loss can be devastating.

Crash Ready

The good news: if Windows crashes or your computer dies – we will deliver a loaner computer that is pre-loaded with an exact copy of your entire computer before the crash occurred.

The bad news: you can instantly get back to work.

Think about all the data that belongs to your business.

Payroll, accounting, legal agreements, tax records, client matters, case notes, drawings, diagrams, customer notes and more. Your organization relies on this data every day.

Now imagine it’s gone because a drive crashed – or the bad guys encrypted it and want $50,000 to give it back.

What do you do?

Over 500 million ransomware attempts occurred in 2021


of small and medium businesses that lose all of their data will shut down within 6 months

hard drives fail every week


of small and medium businesses are not adequately prepared for data loss

Start Backing Up Before It's Too Late

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Data Backup and Protection from Westechs

Our backup solutions help you recover from a disaster within minutes.

From a single deleted file to an entire server crash – we have you covered.

Multiple Layers of Protection


File Backup

We backup up all documents multiple times per day.

This means we can recover individual or groups of files and folders from different time periods – even a year ago.

Versioning allows you to restore data from multiple points in time.


Image Backup

Our image backup is a complete, end to end backup of your entire computer or server.

An image backup allows us to recover entire computer and servers at once.

This means that recovery take minutes, not hours or days.


Immutable Backup

Many companies make the mistake of keeping their primary and backup data in the same building, office or even room.

If the bad guys can get to your backups – they will destroy them.

Our backups are sent to private cloud locations and are not accessible without proper authorization.

Multiple Destinations

We encrypt and backup your data to multiple locations.

A local backup is provided for fast recovery.

Secure cloud locations are used in the event that everything locally is destroyed by a disaster like fire, flood or theft.

Our Core Backup Offerings

Full Backup

We backup the entire computer or server. Think of it as a freeze-dried copy – we capture every file, setting and configuration for full and fast recovery.

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Document Backup

We backup all important documents on the computer. This is a cost effective method of data protection when full protection isn’t needed.

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Office 365 Backup

Our cloud-to-cloud technology backs up your entire Outlook mailbox as well as your OneDrive contents and SharePoint sites.

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Benefits of Cloud Backup from Westechs



Our backups automatically run – nothing to remember and no tapes to change



Our backups are locked away and are not accessible without proper authorization – this provides maximum ransomware protection



Backup to multiple locations using multiple methods



Your data is encrypted in transit and while at rest


Backup and recovery quickly

Backup files and servers as often as necessary – recover from multiple points in time


Managed and Monitored

Backups are centrally managed, monitored and maintained by our technicians – jobs that fail to run are automatically fixed



Backup laptops, computers and servers regardless of where they are

Start Backing Up Before It's Too Late

Get a free assessment and quote with no sales pressure.

All Our Cloud Offerings


Backup your vital data to a secure, offsite location in case the worst happens


Run your business applications from anywhere without buying hardware


Communicate and collaborate with customers, employees and vendors


Reinforce business continuity by monitoring the systems that you depend on

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