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Security Monitoring

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Security monitoring uses artificial intelligence and trained professionals to respond to alerts from your alarm and security cameras.

Security Camera Alerts

If an unauthorized vehicle or person is detected an alert is sent to our central monitoring station.

Our security operators open a live stream of approved security cameras in order to assess the situation.

Depending on your desired protocol, the operator can dispatch law enforcement or engage a call list.

We can also use the built-in speaker on the camera to advise of trespassing or contact with law enforcement.

The Power of Integration

Access to live footage means timely and accurate information relayed to you and emergency responders.

Depending on your protocol, we can open locks and gates to help law enforcement and other emergency personnel respond.

Security Monitoring Benefits

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Get a phone call on your cell or a notification to emergency personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Intrusion Alerts

If your alarm sounds we notify a call list to verify. Manage this list directly through the app.


We confirm the identity of people onsite via a verbal password to ensure safety.

Real-Time Protection

We use alerts and live feeds from your approved cameras and can guide law enforcement directly to crimes in progress.

AI Detection

We rule out the vast majority of false alerts from weather and other events for accurate intrusion detection.

Fail Safe

If we cannot reach you or your delegates during an emergency we automatically contact the authorities.

We Monitor Your Equipment, Too

We actively monitor the health of your security cameras. Don't learn after a crisis that your camera system was offline.

Automatic security camera health reports are delivered via email and include a snapshot of image quality both at day and night.

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