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Best Internet in Midland/Odessa Texas

The best internet provider in Midland and Odessa TexasWe are often asked "what is the best internet company for my business in Midland or Odessa?" The answer - it depends.Those of us who live in Midland or Odessa are actually quite fortunate when it comes to internet...

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Create Windows 10 VPN Shortcut

Create VPN shortcut in Windows 10This post is for our more technically-inclined customers. If you aren't comfortable with the following and are having trouble with your VPN, please contact us for help. When setting up a VPN using the built-in Windows VPN feature in...

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Office error 0xc0000142

Office error 0xc0000142This post is for our more technically-inclined customers. If you aren't comfortable with the following and are having trouble with Microsoft Office, please contact us for help. We continue to encounter this error when starting Word, Excel or...

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New rugged cordless phone now available

New cordless telephone now availableWestechs is pleased to announce the availability of a ruggedized cordless phone. Perfect for retail environments, factories, warehouses and other harsh or loud environments, this cordless phone is drop, shock, impact and water...

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Why a “Free” Alarm Isn’t Always Free

A common selling tactic for alarm companies in Midland and Odessa is to offer "free" equipment. We all know, however, that nothing in life is truly free. Let's break it down a bit. How much does "free" cost? Let's examine the following pricing commonly offered by...

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What antivirus program should I use?

We are frequently asked which antivirus program we recommend. Anti-virus software (as well as the threats they are supposed to protect against) have evolved substantially since this article was first written in 2015. If you are a home user we usually recommend the...

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Westechs launches virtual fax services

Westechs launches Virtual Fax service. Virtual faxing allows you to send and receive faxes from anywhere via your desktop, email, smartphone or tablet. You can keep your existing fax number or get a new one from any area code. You can even keep your fax machine. Learn...

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