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Lower your current phone bill


Advanced yet easy to use phones


Always the latest features


Midland / Odessa service & support


Fax anywhere (with or without the machine)

We have competitors – but it’s no competition

Many “phone companies” simply resell a system belonging to someone else or a packaged bundle from a large manufacturer. We don’t.

Our phone systems are our own product. This puts us in complete control of the quality, experience, feature set and lifespan of our systems. We pack all the features you want and need and get rid of the things you don’t – like mandatory licensing and maintenance contracts.

We combine the latest phones from a market leading manufacturer with a computerized phone server. This creates a powerful, robust and flexible phone system that is tailored to your organization.

Like all of our solutions, our phone systems integrate with our other offerings such as access control and paging systems. Finally, our network monitoring service helps ensure the health and availability of your phone system.

1 Phone or a 1,000 – All of the Benefits

Even a single phone includes all our standard features like scheduled announcements, voicemail to email and more.

We offer systems that run in the cloud or your closet

Contact us to see which is better for you

More reasons we think our systems are better


Simple Dialing

Others make you dial 432 even in the 432 area code. We don’t.

Holiday Schedules

Give us your hours and holidays and we automatically route calls.

Local Support

Our support people are in Midland and Odessa, not behind an 800 number with long hold times.


Never Miss a Call

If your internet or phone lines go offline we will automatically route incoming calls to a backup device like a cell phone.


Line Status

See when someone is on the phone with green and red lights.


Professional Recordings

Great sounding greetings and hold music to reinforce your brand and cross promote your offerings.

Self Healing Systems

We can monitor our phone lines and systems and automatically dispatch a tech if something goes wrong.

Fax Your Way

Keep your fax machine or fax without it from your desktop, email or smartphone.

We have all of the features you need. A few include:


3 Way Calling

Add an additional party to your conversation.

Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

See when others are on the phone or receiving a call with a quick glance.

Call Forwarding

Send calls to another destination.

Call Parking

Put a call on hold and then pick it back up any other phone.

Call Transfer

Transfer calls to other extensions or outside lines.


Merge multiple calls into one.

Emergency Paging

Override Do Not Disturb and ongoing calls to inform everyone of an emergency situation.



Get instant 2-way communication without picking up the handset.


Remove the callers ability to hear you.


Speak to callers hands-free.


Allow callers to leave recorded messages.

Voicemail to Email

When callers leave you a voicemail a copy automatically arrives in your email.

Auto Attendant

Allow callers to reach the correct parties by dialing options.

Call Blocking

Prevent unwanted calls from callers you specify.

Caller ID

See the name and number of callers.

Call Queuing

Efficiently handle large volumes of incoming calls.

Call Waiting

Receive another call while on the phone.

Headset Mode

Use a headset to keep your hands free for a keyboard, mouse or other activities.

Music on Hold

Play music to callers on hold that’s branded to match your organization.


Instant one-way communication with other phones or external speakers.

Virtual Fax

Send and receive faxes using your traditional fax machine as well as email, your smartphone and tablet.

Simple billing. Free upgrades. No contracts.

What do you have to lose?

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