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The Wireless Guest Gateway (WGG) from Westechs is a complete solution for offering secure, consistent and customizable internet access to your customers.

Perfect for hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and anyone that offers wi-fi, our WGG allows you to reduce your liability, brand the wi-fi experience and enforce policies on your wi-fi in order to give everyone a consistent internet experience.

When people connect to your wi-fi they are presented with a login page. This page is 100% customizable and can contain your logo or brand. You can display a disclaimer or terms of service notice that the person must agree to in order to connect to the internet. You can also password protect your wi-fi so that only your customers are allowed to use it.

Once people are connected to your wi-fi, you can limit their speed so that they do not consume all of your available bandwidth and impact other customers. The WGG can also help block applications that may violate copyright law or otherwise increase your liability such as peer-to-peer and bit-torrent file sharing software.

Our WGG can connect to multiple internet connections for both failover and bandwidth aggregation. This means that you can use two different internet service providers at once to increase your bandwidth but also keep your wi-fi up and running in the event that one of the internet service providers fails. For locations that require very high availability and cannot afford wi-fi downtime, multiple WGG’s can be installed in a redundant configuration. This will keep your wi-fi up and running even if a hardware failure occurs.

The WGG is managed and monitored remotely by Westechs. There are no complex tasks or configurations to learn or manage – we take care of everything.

Features and Benefits

Cloud based updates that require no user interaction

Easy to use
Remote management and monitoring by Westechs means you do not need technical skills

Our solution is available for organizations of all sizes

Implement a branded terms of service page before customers get internet access

Reduce liability
Help block peer-to-peer and other potentially illegal file sharing applications

Dedicated hardware provides a robust firewall and NAT (network address translation) services

Limit the speeds of customers so that everyone has enough bandwidth

Redundant hardware
Deploy two gateways that act as one to keep your wi-fi running even with equipment failure

VPN support
Support for remote access and site-to-site VPN connections


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