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3 Way Calling

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Be sure to download the quick reference cheat sheet for your phone

3 Way Calling allows you to have a conversation with 3 people at once

Create the 3 Way Call

1. Dial the first party that will participate in your 3-way call.

2. Once connected press the “Confrnc” or “Conference” button. This will place the first call on hold and give you another dial tone.

3. Dial the additional party that you would like to add.

4. Once the additional party answers, press the “Confrnc” or “Conference” button again to create the 3-way call. 

Manage the 3 Way Call

Once the 3-way call is established, press the “Manage” button. This will list the other participants in the call. Use the up and down arrows to highlight a telephone number (participant). You can then choose one of the following actions:

Press the “Remove” button to disconnect that caller.

Press “Far Mute” to mute that caller. Press “UnMute” to unmute them.

Press “Far Hold” to place that caller on hold – you can continue to speak with the other caller. Press “Resume” to take that caller off of hold.

Press the “Back” button to return to the main screen of your phone.

Ending the 3-way call will disconnect all parties. 

Be sure to download the quick reference cheat sheet for your phone

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