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Anti-Spam and Email Security

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How much spam do you get in your email? How about emails trying to steal confidential information?

If you’re like most people, the answer is probably “too much.”

Studies have shown that as much as 95% of all email sent is spam. Even worse, “phishing” emails attempt to defraud you of personal, company or financial information.

These attacks can lead to identity theft and other compromises. Emails with malicious attachments can infect a computer or network that can result in repair costs and a loss of productivity.

With these ever evolving threats it is necessary to minimize unwanted email and protect your inbox, computer, network and organization.

Email protection services from Westechs minimize spam, viruses and “phishing” attempts.

Our anti-spam solution requires no hardware or software for you to maintain and updates automatically happen in the background.

Each person in your organization can even manage their own settings and quarantine.

While some people are content with the ability to get to their documents from anywhere in the house or office, what about from outside of the building?

Our anti-spam solutions work with the business email that you use today.

The included message continuity feature allows you access to your new email in the event that your mail server goes offline. Incoming email is queued and then delivered to you when your server becomes available again.

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Benefits of our Anti-Spam Solution:


Automatic Updates

Cloud based updates require no action on your part


Business Continuity

Send and receive email even when your server is down



Easily integrates with our email archiving solution


Quick Setup

Use your same domain, email program and more


Blended Benefits

Protection from spam, malware and phishing


Easy to Use

Intuitive, web-based access to settings and quarantine


Maintenance Free

No software or hardware installed at your location

Reduce the spam in your inbox and protect your entire organization with mail solutions from Westechs.

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