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How much does downtime cost your business?

It is an unfortunate fact of life that equipment fails. Failures can prevent your employees from performing their duties and can impact your company’s ability to deliver to your customers.

Our 24×7 network monitoring service keeps an eye on your critical systems to ensure that everything is performing optimally.

We detect everything from minor annoyances (like low printer ink) to critical issues like server drive failure and internet outages.

We also alert our technicians and your designated employees within seconds of a failure.

If you have our Managed Services offering, a Westechs support engineer is automatically assigned to begin problem resolution.

Receiving alerts about impending issues allows for a planned response before it becomes critical.

We can alert you before a hard drive fails or when the quality of your internet is starting to suffer. Addressing issues before they come worse means less downtime so that you can quickly and effectively respond to problems and keep the focus on running your business.

No longer a luxury, networking monitoring is an inexpensive and cost-effective service to have.

Anyone who has suffered from costly downtime would probably consider it a necessity. We can notify you of problems that occur after hours so that they can be addressed before the next business day, thereby preventing business disruption.

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Point the finger in the right direction

How many times has your internet provider said “it’s not us – it’s you.” ?

Network monitoring produces detailed reports of internet utilization and outages so that you have the documentation needed to resolve problems with your provider faster and more efficiently.

Some of the benefits of Network Monitoring:


Get an alert if the air conditioner in the computer room fails and avoid equipment damage


Learn about hardware failures outside of business hours so that productivity isn't affected the next day


Track metrics like internet bandwidth utilization in order to adjust your plan and reduce costs


Address an issue like low disk space before it impacts your business


Get a text message within 30 seconds of your internet connection or server becoming available


Generate graphs and reports to give to vendors when you have connectivity or performance problems

Start monitoring today for as little as $30 a month.

This service pays for itself when you avoid your first costly downtime.

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