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Wireless Networks

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Wireless networks give you the benefits of a traditional network and internet access without the restrictions of wires

Depending on your needs wireless networks can be implemented in various ways. A hotel, for example, usually requires a robust wireless network that covers the entire property and is easy for anyone to access.

A law firm, however, would require a wireless network with strong security and encryption so that only employees could access it.

Wireless networks are also capable of offering a guest network that is separate from the employee network

This allows companies to offer internet access to guests of their choosing while retaining their own security. Guests are allowed to access the internet but not internal servers or other company resources.

Designing and implementing a wireless network can be challenging

Different types of construction materials can reflect and absorb the wireless signal. Neighboring wireless networks can create interference and instability.

Wireless equipment sold in most retail stores is designed for home use and is usually not suitable for a business environment.

Westechs has the experience and expertise to implement a wireless network that is specific to your needs

We can choose and install the proper equipment so create a reliable wireless network for employees, guests and vendors.

We can also use wireless network equipment to connect one or more buildings to consolidate internet connections and eliminate the need for wires.

Get help from the wireless network experts.

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Other Available Solutions

Information Accessibility

Share and access your computer and information from anywhere in the office or the world.


Easily share files, printers and an Internet connection, or connect multiple buildings together to form a seamless network.

Maintenance & Repair

Networking going down? Are things slow Think you need an upgrade? We can help.

Network Monitoring

We will monitor your systems 24×7 to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Wireless Networking

Get the security and performance of a network without a wire.

Let's go.

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