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Protect your business and employees.

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An alarm from Westechs can:


Warn you and management if someone forgets to arm the system


Send an alert if employees fail to open or close the business on time


Send an alert if an employee disarms the system at an unusual time


Send a notification if someone leaves a sensitive area open such as a walk-in freezer or high-value inventory cabinet


Send an alert if someone accesses a private office when they aren’t supposed to


Send an alert if a water leak is detected before property damage occurs


Give employees the ability to trigger an audible or silent panic in the event of a robbery or other emergency situation


Automatically contact the authorities on behalf of you and your employees


24x7 Monitoring

Our alarms are monitored 24 hours a day by the central station and can dispatch the police, paramedics or fire department. You can even talk to central station operators directly through the alarm keypad – no need to find or use a phone.

Use your smart device from anywhere to:


Arm, disarm and check the status of the system


Add, edit and change alarm codes for employees, vendors and other personnel


Use one app to monitor and manage all of your properties and locations


Run reports to see who is using the system and when


Control lighting and other electronic devices such as lamps, signage and menu boards


Adjust, monitor and program your thermostats


Lock and unlock your doors


Easily Schedule and Automate your Business


Automatically turn off the lights and adjust the thermostat when the system is armed

Set a schedule to automatically turn your Open Sign off and on


Add Security Cameras and Access Control for the Ultimate Protection

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A security system from Westechs combines the best in security, convenience and automation. Westechs has no sales pressure. Please contact us for a free consultation and no obligation quote.

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