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Proofpoint Essentials provides protection from spam and email-based attacks. Your incoming email is processed by Proofpoint before it is delivered to your Inbox. Proofpoint will quarantine email that it believes to be spam.

While Proofpoint is very effective in properly classifying email, you may occasionally have a legitimate email quarantined. A summary of these quarantined items will appear in a daily “Quarantine Digest” email:

Proofpoint Digest

Spam email can be ignored and will eventually be automatically removed from your quarantine. However, if you see a legitimate email that was incorrectly quarantined you can use the links on the right of the Digest to release emails from your quarantine.

“Release” will release the email and deliver it to your Inbox. “Release & Approve” will deliver the email and add the sender to a whitelist. Future email from senders on your whitelist will never be quarantined.

Your Digest provides a convenient way to monitor recently quarantined email. For a real time look into your quarantine, or to adjust your settings such as your whitelist, visit the Proofpoint Message Center.

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