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Proofpoint Essentials provides protection from spam and email-based attacks. Your incoming email is processed by Proofpoint before it is delivered to your Inbox. Proofpoint will quarantine email that it believes to be spam. Your online quarantine allows you to search for delivered, missing or quarantined email.

Begin by opening the Proofpoint Essentials Message Center by visiting the following link:

Log into your Proofpoint Account (this link will open in a new window)

Enter your email address and Proofpoint password. Your Proofpoint password is standalone and is unique to the Proofpoint system. You can use the “Forgot your password?” link if you need to recover or reset your password:

Proofpoint forgot password

Once you are signed into the Message Center you will have options to search your quarantine.

Searching your Quarantine

In addition to list of messages that appear in your Daily Digest email, you can use the quarantine section to search your email. If you are waiting on a email that hasn’t arrived, for instance, you can search for it using the Quarantine section:

Search Proofpoint

You can search up to 30 days of email history. The Status selection which allows you to search for email that was Quarantined or Blocked. If you are searching for a missing email, it is recommended you chose “Any” for “Status”.

You can specify a name or email address in the “From” field. You can use a partial address or domain name such as “david@” or “@westechs.com”. You can also perform partial searches in the Subject field. The timeframe is “Today and Yesterday” by default so you should extend this if necessary.

The example below shows how to search for email from bob@smith.com. Note the “Status” set to “Any” and the email address in the “From” field:

Proofpoint search example

Upon performing a search you will be presented with a list of results:

Proofpoint options

The example above shows an email that was successfully delivered and another that was quarantined. The Detail button will show additional information but it is a bit technical in nature. The View button allows you to safely view the message in order to determine if the email is legitimate or not.

Releasing Email

Quarantined email that is spam can be ignored and will eventually be removed from your quarantine automatically. However, if you find a quarantined email that is legitimate, check the box next to the email and change the drop-down to “Release” or “Release & Approve” and click the Apply button. Both options will immediately deliver the email to your Inbox. The “Approve” option will add the sender to your whitelist so that future email will never be quarantined.

Proofpoint options

Send An Email Again

You also have the option to send a duplicate copy of an email to your Inbox. This is called “Resend (Instant Replay)” and is performed the same way as releasing email. Place a check next to the email, choose “Resent (Instant Replay)” and click the Apply button. A copy of the email will be delivered to your Inbox.

Instant Replay

Remember that you receive daily Digest Emails that summarize recent quarantine activity.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions about Proofpoint.

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