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Duo Windows Logon Help

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How to log into a Duo protected Windows PC 

Duo for Windows Logon adds an additional layer of security when logging into your Windows PC. After you enter your normal username and password you must use the Duo app to authorize the login to your computer. This helps protect your computer from unauthorized use. This guide illustrates how to use Duo for Windows Logon.

Remember that once Duo Login is enabled you must use the smartphone app to complete your login. If Duo is unavailable (such as no internet access for example) you can use the offline mode to login.

1-After you enter your normal Windows username and password you are presented with the following Duo logon screen on your computer:

2-Your smartphone will then display the Duo push notification. Assuming you are attempting to log into your PC, tap the Approve button. Your Windows logon should then proceed normally. If you ever receive a RDP push notification and you are not attempting to log into your computer you should contact your supervisor as this may be indicative of an unauthorized access attempt.

3-If this is the first time you are logging into your PC with Duo you may need to enroll in offline access.

See our guide on setting up offline access or view all of our Duo guides here.

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