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Button Overview


The following buttons are displayed while your device is being held in portrait mode. Holding your device in landscape mode enters a mode advanced view and is not covered in this overview at this time.

Top Buttons

The Menu button allows you to change between live view and recorded video modes. There are other options available on the Menu button, but these are advanced features and are beyond the scope of these tutorials.

Bottom Buttons

The Camera Selection button lets you choose which cameras to view in either Live View or Remote Playback.

The 1, 4, 9 and 16 buttons will change how many cameras are displayed at once. For slower connections (such as cellular), 1 or 4 is recommended.

Take picture: Take a picture of what is currently displayed and save it to your device.
Take video: Start/stop a recording of what is currently displayed and save it to your device.
Control PTZ: If installed, use this button to move the camera position.
Change speed: Favor speed over accuracy (or vice-versa.) This can be left on Fluent mode for most applications.
Stop/start all cameras: Instantly stop or start playback on all selected cameras. Use this button if you see no video on any cameras or want to stop playback quickly.

Camera Buttons

While displaying live video, swipe the camera feeds left or right to change which cameras are currently visible.

While displaying video, double tap in the center of a camera feed to make it full screen. Double tap again to return back to the original view.

To customize camera layout, tap on the plus (+) sign to choose which camera to display.

Next Steps

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