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Setup the camera App Using HiDDNS


This guide illustrates how to configure the Hikvision app on your phone or tablet so that you can view your live and recorded security cameras. This is a consolidated guide for both Android and Apple devices.

All effort is made to provide complete and accurate information within this guide. However, due to the ever-changing nature of technology some of the information may be out of date. If you purchased security cameras from Westechs, please contact us for help setting up your apps.

1. Download and install the Hikvision app for your Android in the Google Play Store or for your iPhone or iPad in the Apple App Store.


2. Once installed, open the iVMS application that you downloaded. Apple users will be asked if iVMS can send notifications. This is an advanced feature that is beyond the scope of this guide so we recommend choosing “Don’t Allow”.

3. Because Hikvision is a worldwide manufacturer of security products we must tell the app which region we are located in. Tap the pencil icon, then tap “America”. Scroll to the bottom to choose “USA” or “United States”.



4. Press the red Enter button.

5. You are taken to a “Live View” window. Tap the menu button which are three horizontal lines in the upper left.

6. Tap “Devices”. Apple users will be asked if iVMS can access the camera and photos. These are advanced features beyond the scope of this guide so we recommend choosing “Don’t Allow”.

7. The iVMS app includes a demo device based out of China. We need to remove this device. Apple users can swipe the listing to the left and tap the newly exposed red “Delete” button. Android users can tap and hold the listing – this will open a box asking “Confirm to delete?”. Tap “Confirm”.

8. The devices view should now contain no listings. Tap the plus icon within the circle which is located in the top right.

9. In the new drop-down menu, choose “Manual Adding”.

10. In the “New Device” menu, tap the different areas and use the following information:

Alias: (give this a description, such as Home or Work)
Register Mode: HiDDNS
Device Domain: (see your welcome letter from Westechs)
Username: (see your welcome letter)
Password: (see your welcome letter)

11. When you have entered all of the above information, tap the Save icon in the top right. After a brief verification, the “Camera No.” field at the bottom will change to reflect the number of cameras installed. Tap “Start Live View”.

If you receive a “Connection Failed” message, confirm the information you have entered above and tape the Save icon in the top right again. Please contact us if you continue to receive the “Connection Failed” message.

If you need to add additional devices (such as other locations), click the Menu button in the top left, tap “Devices” and return to Step 9.

You’re Done!

Now that you have your camera system added to the Hikvision app, be sure to view our guide to using the Hikvision app to see your live and recorded cameras.

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