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Our deployment service is a turn-key product that gets your new equipment up and running quickly in the most effective and secure manner possible.
From un-boxing to personalized final touches, we will ensure that your new equipment is setup and configured in accordance with industry accepted best practices used by professional IT departments everywhere.
If your company is deploying multiple computers we can reduce your implementation costs by utilizing disk imaging. Disk imaging allows us to configure and customize one PC and then clone the entire state to the remaining computers.
This reduces the amount of time necessary for deployment. If necessary, this “copy” can later be placed back onto a PC, reducing or eliminating support needs in the future.
Our deployment services can include the following:

Removal of unnecessary trial software and/or “bloatware” that can impede system performance


Installation of latest versions of important software such as web browsers, picture viewers and email clients


Secure attachment to a network connection, such as your home or business network, other computers or the Internet


Installation of hardware peripherals in your possession such as printers and scanners


Selection and installation of anti-virus and backup software


Adjustment of many Windows settings for optimal performance and security


Installation of additional software packages in your possession such as Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, etc.


Transfer data from your old computer, such as documents, pictures, music and more

At the end of our PC Launch service we will educate you on how to keep your equipment running in excellent condition.

Following these practices drastically lowers your chance of developing problems with your new equipment.

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Other Available Solutions


Have your new PC un-boxed, connected and customized. Includes training on how to keep it running like new.

Maintenance & Repair

From error correction to upgrades, we can take care of all of your PC needs.

PC Restoration

Breathe new life into your PC by starting from scratch while preserving all of your important data.

Security and Stabilization

Is your PC unreliable? Are you getting an error? 70% of all computer problems can be cured with this service.

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