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Sometimes a computer will have such a horrible infection or elusive problem you can spend more to fix it than replace it.

Our PC Restoration service is a “start from scratch” solution that restores your computer back to a configuration that is better than how it came from the factory.

Although this process sounds drastic, it is actually quite simple and can be done in as little as 2 hours. A PC Restoration is simply the best service you can do for your computer.

The best part of a PC Restoration is that it eliminates every problem you are having with you PC.

Assuming there are no hardware problems, once you have a PC Restoration performed, follow our recommendations and you are less likely to need future service.

Your data comes along for the ride.

Because we must remove everything on the PC and start over, we are sure to backup and restore all of your important data.

We're Ready To Help With All of Your Technology Needs

Other Available Solutions


Have your new PC un-boxed, connected and customized. Includes training on how to keep it running like new.

Maintenance & Repair

From error correction to upgrades, we can take care of all of your PC needs.

PC Restoration

Breathe new life into your PC by starting from scratch while preserving all of your important data.

Security and Stabilization

Is your PC unreliable? Are you getting an error? 70% of all computer problems can be cured with this service.

Let's go.

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