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A paperless office is a work environment in which the use of paper is eliminated or greatly reduced.

Going paperless will help eliminate storage rooms that are filled with boxes and filing cabinets while increasing efficiency and security. Reducing paper consumption is also environmentally responsible.

Achieving a paperless office is less expensive and complicated than most people realize.

Using moderately priced software and equipment, almost anyone can immediately start merging a paperless migration into their daily workflow. As you become more comfortable with the paperless process and environment, more and more items can be converted to digital format.

According to reduce.org, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year.

In addition to reduced paper consumption, paperless environments also offer these advantages:


Reduced Storage

Old, dusty boxes that are filled with paper in a cramped storage room can be eliminated. The need for shelving and storage space, whether inside the office or leased, is drastically lowered.



Any document that is digital is searchable and immediately accessible. Search your entire paperless library for a single word or phrase in mere seconds. Easily send a digital copy of a document to anyone via email or print a hard copy if necessary. Digital documents can easily be accessed remotely by employees or vendors that you specify.



Define granular levels of permissions as to who can access what documents. Create an audit log that records who accessed what document and when.

While the benefits of paperless documents easily outweigh the traditional method of storing unorganized boxes of paper, digital document management does have certain requirements in order to be successful:


Robust Hardware

Your paperless documents should be stored on hardware that is redundant or is covered by a service contract in the event of failure.



It is imperative that paperless documents are backed up as part of a well designed backup plan. This includes automatic backups to multiple disk tiers as well as off-site locations.

Westechs can assist with the design, implementation and management of a storage system and backup plan for a digital document library.

As you can see, a paperless office offers tremendous advantages and cost savings. Westechs has helped businesses establish best practices and policies for implementing and managing the paperless environment.

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