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Help with Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring from Westechs helps keep your organization up and running by keeping an eye on your critical systems. When a problem is detected we will send an alert to our technicians and your staff. Depending on the severity of any discovered issues, alerts will come in the form of emails, text messages and automated phone calls.

What will trigger an alert?

A few examples of alert triggers are low disk space on a server, a computer room that is starting to warm up, water detected on the floor or in the attic, a server or security camera that is down or otherwise not responding, etc.

Available Text Commands

If you receive a text alert you can reply with the following commands to control your text alerts:


Turn off text alerts for 24 hours. Use this command if you have an issue that you’re away of and won’t be fixed immediately.


 If you previously paused your text alerts, use this command to un-pause.


 Turn off text alerts indefinitely.


 If you previously turned your text alerts off, use this command to turn them back on.

Standard voice, SMS and data rates apply with your carrier. Westechs recipients and subsequent corrective action are based on your contractual agreement with Westechs.

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