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Add LTS Connect Guest User

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How to request Guest User access to LTS Connect


 Westechs is not a camera manufacturer.

If we did not install your system, or if you are not located in or around Midland or Odessa, please click here for technical support.


This guide is for additional users to request access to a camera system once a master user was created using this guide. Please setup a master user before following this guide.

All effort is made to provide complete and accurate information within this guide. However, due to the ever-changing nature of technology some of the information may be out of date. If you purchased security cameras from Westechs, please contact us for help setting up your apps.

1. Android users: download and install “LTS Connect” by LT Security from the Google Play Store.

2. Apple users: download and install “LTS Connect” by LT Security Inc. from the Apple App Store.

3. Once installed, open up the app. The app may ask for permission to send you notifications and other options.

You don’t need to allow location, but you must allow notifications.

4. You might be asked to agree to terms of service and so on. You must agree to continue to use the app.


5. You will be asked for your region. Choose “USA” (if not already chosen) and tap “OK”.

6. Tap the “Login/Register” button.

LTS Connect

7. You need to register an account to use LTS Connect. Doing so saves the devices you have access to so that when you login on other devices you do not have to add them again. Tap the “Register” link. You will need to agree to any terms of service to continue.


LTS Connect

8. Verify that “USA” is selected then tap the check mark in the top right.

LTS Connect

9. If you are asked to enter an email address, tap “Register by Mobile Phone Number” at the bottom.

10. Enter your mobile number including your area code. Enter a password to create your LTS Connect account, then tap “Get Security Code”.


LTS Connect

11. You will receive a 4 digit code via text message. Enter the code then tap “Finish”. If you do not receive a code, wait until the timer finishes counting down and then tap “Get Again”.


LTS Connect

12. Tap the blue “Add Device” button.

(If you already have one or more recorders listed here, tap the + icon at the top right, then choose “Scan QR Code”.)


LTS Connect

13. Tap the pencil icon at the top right.


LTS Connect

14. Enter the serial number of the recorder then tap the save icon at the top right.

If you are presented with a screen that asks you to confirm the device type then the serial number is incorrect. Tap the back button at the top left and verify the serial number.


LTS Connect

14. Tap the “Apply for Sharing” button.


LTS Connect

15. Tap “OK” to close the message that the application has been sent.

The master user will receive a push notification regarding your request. Once the master user approves your request within the LTS Connect you will be able to access the camera system.


LTS Connect

16. Once you are informed by the master user that access has been granted, tap the < icon at the top left a few times to return to the homescreen.

Your screen will refresh after a few records and display the recorder. Tap the recorder to open the cameras.


LTS Connect

17. If asked, enter the encryption key provided by the master user. You will now be able to access the camera feeds.


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