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Firewall Auditing & Design

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The firewall is the first line of defense in network security.

Firewall auditing consists of a thorough review of your existing firewall hardware or software as well as all configured rules.

We will also recommend some common security measures if they are not already implemented. Depending on the age or detail of management of your firewall, we may uncover unnecessary rules that pose a potential security risk. We will also see if any software updates are available for your firewall. All of these steps are an important process of firewall auditing and should be performed regularly as a firewall is your first defense against malicious traffic.

Firewall design consists of a consultant developing a set of firewall rules that are specific to you or your organization.

We can usually use existing software or hardware or recommend something new. An important distinction we would like to point out about our design process is that we usually recommend egress as well as ingress filtering. Most of the firewalls we service, while they filter unsolicited inbound traffic, do not filter any outbound traffic. While you may allow only certain traffic in (such as e-mail) we also recommend you specifically control what traffic can go out. There are security benefits in doing so which our consultant will illustrate for you.

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