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Our vulnerability assessment service will determine how secure (or not) your computers, internet connection and networks are.
We will examine the security of your equipment both from the outside as well as inside. We consider security to be a layered process. Because of this we will examine all relevant layers, such as firewall, server permissions, network access, anti-virus, e-mail, Internet access and physical security.
Many organizations don’t focus too much on security because “no one is after them”.
While it may be true that they are not the specific target of an attacker, most people do not realize that most attackers are simply looking for any target they can break into for a number of reasons. Some attackers will compromise a machine so that they can use it to distribute illegal software or other copyrighted materials.
Most companies have some type of information they consider to be intellectual property, such as formulas, diagrams or financial data.
Some people just don’t like the idea that all of their e-mail and documents could be being read by an unauthorized party.

Regardless of reason, maintaining security is an important part of owning equipment or being attached to a network or the Internet. A vulnerability assessment is an excellent way of determining where your security stands.

Get secure today. Tomorrow might be too late.

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Our vulnerability assessment service will determine how secure (or not) your computers, Internet connection and networks are

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