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Be sure to download the quick reference cheat sheet for your phone

Call Park allows you to put a call on hold and retrieve the call from any other phone

Park a Call

With a call in progress, press the Park button:

The system put the call on hold and announce an extension to you. This extension is the park number that was assigned to this call. Use this extension in next section to retrieve this call.

Remember that Hold only works on your phone – you do not put a call on hold to retrieve it elsewhere. Instead – park the call. If a parked call isn’t retrieved within a predefined amount of time it will ring back to phone that initiated the park.

Retrieve a Parked Call

Get a dial tone by pressing the Speakerphone or headset button, or pick up the handset.

Dial the extension (Park number) that was given out when the call was parked. The call is now retrieved.

When a call is Parked, you can retrieve it from any phone on the same system. Park is useful for moving a call to another phone when Transfer isn’t a suitable option. Another good use for Park is when you are looking for the ultimate recipient of the call. A common practice is to park a call and announce the park number using intercom or paging.

Be sure to download the quick reference cheat sheet for your phone

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